In order to enable the development of the NANOLEAP network of Open pilots, the following scientific and technical objectives will be pursued:

  1. Development of an Ecosystem for the Pilot network set up and governance
  2. Integration of novel technology and tailored processing in existing pilot production lines to enable the use of nanofillers in Industrial manufacturing process in a sustainable and cost-effective way.
  3. Integration of quality control and process verification to increase the level of robustness and repeatability of the industrial processes aimed at nanocomposite production.
  4. To develop a Business plan for enabling Open pilot lines access.
  5. Ensure the success of the Nanoleap Network during and after the project through the Constitution of a Cluster Expert Group

The pilot plants will consist of various mechanical, chemical and/or electronic devices with built-in sensors and actuators for a fully automated operation of the whole system. A user-friendly control system will assure smooth and safe operation of the pilot plant systems and a remotely supervised control. This allows for on-site operation without demanding the presence of operators for supervision and control of regular operation. However, the infrastructure of the automation system will provide enough computational power and the data acquisition functionality needed for R&D phase of the project.

Specific attention will be given to advanced adaptive control algorithms to enable the controllers to self-adjust according to changes in the underlying process by varying external influences or hardware degradation. The advanced control system will increase the efficiency, reliability and lifespan of pilot plant system by ensuring optimal operating conditions, power management and minimal effects on hardware degradation.

Furthermore, analyzers will measure at-line, in-line or on-line, including mobile or static solutions. Technologies such as advanced laser diffraction will reflect the exacting demands placed on analytical instrumentation that is in continuous use in such process environments as milling, classification, spray drying, atomization, filtration and granulation.