Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha

UCLM is a young university. From its foundation (1985), UCLM has grown at a high rate, attracting qualified human resources and providing the people in the region with high education skills. UCLM Research is involved in the project “CYTEMA-Energy and Environment Science and Technology Campus”, recognized by the Spanish General Secretary of Universities, with a rating of “Campus of International Excellence” at a regional scope (CIE): http://www.cytema.es/en/.

The research team involved in this project, is formed by 8 members: four full professors (Dr. Jose-Luis Valverde, Dr. Juan-Francisco Rodríguez, Dr. Paula Sánchez and Dr. Antonio de Lucas), two senior lecturers (Dr. Amaya Romero and Dr. Manuel-Salvador Carmona) and two lecturers (Dr. María-Luz Sánchez and Dr. Ana Borreguero) (4 females and 4 males) all of them PhDs.

In the field of the conventional catalysis and electro-catalysis the group has investigated in: methane tri-reforming, alcohols reforming, Fischer-Tropsch, Water-Gas Shift, partial oxidation of glycerol to fine chemicals and complete methane oxidation. Likewise, it has gained expertise in the synthesis, characterization and functionalization of carbon and carbon-nitrogen nanostructures (nanotubes, nanofibres, nanospheres and graphene) at lab and bench scales (50 g/day), the preparation of aerogels and composites with the referred nanostructures at lab and pilot plant scale, and the manufacture of encapsulated materials and catalysts at lab and pilot plant scale. The production of polyurethanes and polymeric microparticules has also been subject of interest of the group. This research profile allows this group to face the following challenges required by this proposal: synthesis of carbon nanofibres and nanospheres, their functionalization in order to better interact with the different polymer-based composites and their further characterization, and, finally, technical support for the incorporation of different nanomaterials into polymer matrix. The team owns facilities that allow to characterize materials and nanomaterials and composites made from the latter: thermal analysis, RAMAN, ICP-AES, BET, FT-IR, DMA, Rheometry, SEM, etc. In addition, there are two pilot plants for the synthesis of microcapsules by spray-drying (up to 70 kg/day) and aerogels (0.9 m2/batch).

The main role of UCLM in this proposal consists of coordination of project NANOLEAP. Moreover, UCLM will carry out the production and characterization of micro and nanocomposites by spray-drying at pilot plant scale, synthesis of carbon nanoestructures (nanofibres, nanotubes and nanospheres) and further functionalization at bench scale, and production of carbon nanomaterials-based polymeric aerogels at lab and pilot plant scale.

The research team has authored and co-authored more than 315 papers and 7 patents, supervised 13 PhD students, and participated in 9 European projects, 46 Spanish and Regional projects and 104 contracts with companies, which corresponds to a total budget of more than 15 millions euros. In addition, it cooperates with international institutions as IRCELYON (France), CNETE (Canada) and the Bulgarian Institute of Polymers.


Characterization of rigid polyurethane foams containing microencapsulted PCMs: microcapsules type effect. A.M. Borreguero, J.F. Rodríguez, J. L. Valverde, T. Peijs, M. Carmona, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 128, 582-590 (2013).
Tailor-made aerogels based on carbon nanofibers by freeze-drying. S. Víctor-Román, A. Romero, I. Gracia, L. Sánchez-Silva, J. L. Valverde, Science of Advanced Materials, 6, 665-673 (2014).

Contact Person: Prof. Jose-Luis Valverde
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