Separex is a French company located in Nancy. The company belongs to the FeyeCon Group, whose head office is in Weesp (The Netherlands). The group is a global leader in supercritical CO2 processes and applications. The advantages of SC-CO2 are:

  • Reduced use of chemicals and  waste – no contaminated wastewater
  • No residual solvents – Clean end-products
  • Reduced processing costs – quick, lower energy consumption, CO₂ is inexpensive and recyclable
  • Mild process conditions – low temperatures, no oxygen, no chemicals
  • Versatile and tuneable – applicable in many different industries
  • Safe, non-toxic, colorless, odorless, non-flammable


SEPAREX is made up of a team of PhDs, engineers and technicians who carry out all R&D, process, system design and construction activities.

The group proposes cost effective solutions to create innovative and high performance products using a green and sustainable technology, especially in food, pharma, polymer & textile, wood products, waste treatment, and high tech materials, such as aerogels.

The close collaboration and synergy between the R&D, the process development and the equipment teams results in the company invariably providing innovative solutions answering all specifications of process and product development.

As leader in the field, SEPAREX is the sole company to perform R&D (Process and Product development), as well as toll manufacturing and equipment design and construction. Operating several pilot plants of various sizes, SEP performs R&D from lab to pilot-scale. Moreover, SEPAREX has already designed and built more than 300 tailor-made installations, ranging from bench-scale to semi-industrial pilot and production units.

In the field of aerogels, SEPAREX has specialized in the development of aerogels and aerogel-based materials for many different applications by using supercritical CO2 as the processing solvent instead of standard ambient drying process. The main achievement of Separex’s aerogels lies the reduction of processing time and consequently the final cost of the material, making it affordable for common applications such as building insulation.


Contact Person: Dr. Audrey Ngomsik-Fanselow
Address: Address: 5 Rue Jacques Monod, BP 9, 54250 Champigneulles – France
Tel.: +33 (0) 3 83 31 24 24