Nanto Cleantech SpA

Nanto Cleantech SpA (NCT), located in Europe and Israel, is an innovation-oriented company holding the know-how, patents and technologies to realize next-generation of advanced materials (anticorrosion, flame/fire retardant, anti stick etc.) for the coating and polymers industries. The company delivers innovative engineered solutions and cost effective advanced materials with a strong and growing IP portfolio suitable for a broad array of applications in several markets, such as: industrial assets (oil&gas, marine, construction, transportation, cleantech, 3D printing etc.), defence, healthcare and consumer electronic good.

NCT aims to strengthen the process of product innovation, tested in more than 10 years of industrial R&D, through the development of new families of smart products related to the anticorrosion, flame/fire retardant and easy cleaning platform technology.

NCT intellectual property covers both the raw material and its integration with nanoparticles in the finished product. The first applications are in the field of anticorrosion (US 2002/0173559; WO/2010/064274) and fire/flame retardant (WO/2013/034954). The technology development is growing and will lead to multi-functional, smart coatings with functionalities like anti stick.

Nanto Cleantech has been already granted more than 12 certificates relating to anticorrosion technology in USA, China, Eurasia, South Africa and other worldwide grants are pending.  The Company holds the know-how of 50 coating formulations, 20 coating systems and more than 100 industrial applications.

Novel functionalities of advanced materials create new business opportunities. In fact the market is willing to pay a premium for functionality such as high protective, long lasting, scratch resistance or enhanced energy efficiency. NCT functionalized nanoparticles are considered excellent for applications, as:

  • Reinforcements (Performance improvement despite the reduction of chemicals);
  • Fire retardant additives;
  • Barrier elements to gases and liquids (Increased barrier effect, increased resistance to aggressive liquid, reduced permeability).


The Company covers and runs the entire supply chain from the advanced materials with nanotech characterization to the final product for applications in the coating and polymers industry with protective and fire retardancy properties. Today the most awarded Series of products, commercialized under the brand Nanto Paint®, include a cluster of high efficiency corrosion protection epoxy coatings (primer/intermediate/top coat). NCT coatings provide a strong certified improvement in terms of increased barrier effect, covering corrosion environment from C3 to C5M High with corrosion time from 10 to over 20 years, certified ISO and ASTM standard.


Contact Person: Elisabetta Ciccarelli
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