INEA – Informatizacija, energetika, avtomatizacija d.o.o.

The INEA company is one of the leading Slovenian companies in the fields of process control, industrial automation and manufacturing informatics. It also has the leading position in the field of industrial energy sector. In more than 25 years of existence, INEA successfully finished more than 1.000 projects. INEA was founded in February 1987 by The Jožef Stefan Institute. The company was formed as one of the institute’s projects to promote transfer and application of research achievements of the Institute in the fields of industrial internal energy management and control of industrial processes. INEA provides “state-of-the-art” solutions in the field of process control with continuous improvements and the direct application of knowledge – together with Faculty for Electrical Engineering in Ljubljana (FE) and The Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI). This association enables coordination, research strategy, application development and implementation, exchange of knowledge and people, close cooperation in process control development and implementation.

INEA currently employs more than 50 employees. The team is highly educated, with almost 90% of the people holding professional technical qualifications.  INEA has its own research team, which participate in many research national and international projects, including projects founded by EU (Horizon 2010, 7th and 6th EU Framework Programme, Structural Funds).


Scope of Engineering Services

INEA’s activities are spread over all levels of projects: from the bottom level of process control equipment to the top strategic decision support level. The scope of activities cover the whole range of expertise from the planning; pre-project phase to functional start-up and operation of and process control system:

  • feasibility studies and concepts of control and management systems;
  • development of control models and algorithms;
  • implementation and supply of computer control systems;
  • installation and commissioning of systems;
  • training and education of customer personnel;
  • functional maintenance of systems;
  • engineering of complex projects;
  • consultation.


  • Factory Automation & Turnkey Solutions
    • Production lines system integration: PLC, SCADA, Robots, Vision, Scales, Diagnostic equipment,…
    • Automatic warehouse solutions
    • Machine building (engineering)
  • Process Control
    • Continuous and batch processes
    • Advanced process control
  • Manufacturing Informatics
    • MES systems, SCADA/HMI
    • Production scheduling systems
  • Energy Management and Ecology
    • Energy management & control
    • System to decrease electricity costs
    • Cogeneration units
    • Smart grid solutions for industry
    • Virtual power plant system: demand response solution
    • Fuel cell and hydrogen applications


Contact Person: Igor Steiner
Address: Stegne 11, 1000 Ljubljana (Slovenia)