European Center for Nanostructured Polymers Scarl

Founder partners of ECNP are: INSTM, National Interuniversity Consortium of Materials Science and Technology (Italy), SWEREA SICOMP (Sweden), the Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden, IPF (Germany), INSAVALOR (Lyon-France), TECNALIA (San Sebastian, Spain), ICE-FORTH Institute of Chemical Engineering Sciences – Foundation for Research and Technology (Patras, Greece), Lodz University of Technology – Politechnika Łódzka (Poland), the Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry of Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (Prague, Czech R.), STEP (Utrecht University) and Sviluppumbria (Terni, Italy).  The principal activities of the ECNP are organisation of training activities and professional updating in the same sector; promotion and development of technological transfer of products and processes related to the industrial sector, networking and knowledge management in the specific area of polymer nanotechnology.  ECNP is also devoted to the study of processing-structure-property relationships of polymers, polymeric composites, surface treatments,  testing,  design  and  optimisation  of  composite  structures,  development  and  characterization  of nanocomposites, functionalization of nanoparticles. The main research activities carried out by ECNP partners are classified in five areas of excellence: synthesis of polymers and nanoparticles  including  functionalization,  processing  of  nanostructured  polymers  and  polymer  nanocomposites, advanced  characterization  techniques,  applications  of  nanostructured  polymers  and  nanocomposites  in  advanced industrial sectors (aerospace, automotive, electronics, domestic appliances, coatings, biomaterials, etc.) and Life Cycle Analysis (LCA). These activities are performed through collaboration of ECNP partners and in the ECNP labs located in Italy (Terni, Tortona), Spain (Madrid) and France (Lyon). The  Director  of  the  European  Centre  for Nanostructured  Polymers is Prof. José M. Kenny, Full Professor of Materials Science and Technology and Director of the Materials Science and Technology  Centre  of  the  University  of  Perugia  in  Italy.  J.M. Kenny has authored more than 500 scientific publications (h=50) on the processing of polymers, composites and nanocomposite materials, and has coordinated numerous Italian, Spanish, European and international research and education projects in science and technology of polymers, composites and nanocomposites.  Over the years, ECNP has developed several research projects funded by the European Community (MULTIHYBRIDS FP6-NMP, Innovative sensor-based processing technology of nanostructured multifunctional hybrids and composites; POCO, FP7-NMP, Carbon nanotube confinement strategies to develop novel polymer matrix composites; COMPNANOCOMP, FP7-NMP, Multiscale computational approach to the design of polymer-matrix nanocomposites; ECNP GROWTH, FP7-NMP, Consolidation Of The European Centre For Nanostructured Polymers, FP7), by private industries and by national institutions. ECNP labs are equipped with different processing equipments both for thermoplastics and thermosetting polymers. In particular ECNP has a DSM microcompounder/extruder with a co-rotating twin screw configuration equipped also for film and fibre processing, a DSM micro injection moulding machine, a counter rotating twin screw extruder, a single screw extruder, an injection moulding machine, sonicators both in batch configuration and tip. Moreover ECNP has several characterization instrument to test different final properties: dynamometers equipped also with climatic chamber in order to do test from -80 to 250°C, rotational rheometers ARES, equipments for thermal analysis, a FE-SEM Zeiss to analyse morphology and microstructure, AFM and nanoindenter.


Contact Person: Jose Maria Kenny
Address: c/o Consorzio INSTM, Via Giuseppe Giusti 9 – 50121 – Florence (Italy)
Tel.: +39 0744 492939