EMPA Swiss federal laboratories for materials science

Empa conducts cutting-edge materials and technology research, generating interdisciplinary solutions to help overcome major challenges faced by industry, and creates the necessary scientific basis to ensure that our society develops in a sustainable manner.

As an institution of the ETH Domain, Empa is committed to excellence in all its activities.

Our vision is as simple and straight-forward as it is bold and ambitious. It is a beacon of sorts that shows us where we ought to be heading and what we should strive for. It serves as a gold standard for many if not all our activities.

To cope with the manifold challenges that loom ahead, it will be crucial to deliver solutions with the help of science and technology. At Empa, we are taking on the task of developing and sketching out paths into a livable future for the coming generations.To assume this role responsibly Empa has elaborated, based on the institute’s vision, a comprehensive mission statement spelling out its goals, core values and corporate culture, which guides all of us in our endeavor to excel and to contribute to making the world a more sustainable place. At the very heart of all of this are the 1’000-odd scientists, engineers,technicians and general staff, the asset that makes Empa a world-renowned research institute for materials science and technology.

Together with our partners from research, industry or the public sector we are pushing the limits in science and technology for a prosperous tomorrow.

Gian-Luca Bona / CEO Empa


Contact Person: Marc Leparoux
Address: Feuerwerkerstrasse 39, CH-3602 Thun, Switzerland
Email: marc.leparoux@empa.ch
Tel.: +41 58 765 62 47