D’Appolonia S.p.A., part of the RINA Group, is the largest fully independent Italian firm providing consulting & engineering services to Clients belonging both to the public and the private sector. The company operates in the markets of Energy, Transport and Infrastructures, Industry and Investor Support. With a staff of about 700 engineers, scientists and associated professionals located in 20 offices worldwide, D’Appolonia offers high-end services to investors, promoters, operators and contractors, as well as to insurers and public administrations, to support their initiatives. All D’Appolonia services are performed at the highest professional level, understanding and complying with Client’s needs and requirements while taking into due consideration sustainability and health, safety and environmental targets.

D’Appolonia a team of engineers, consultants, designers, planners and specialists supporting public and private Clients from concept to decommissioning, through consultancy, design, management, operation and maintenance. The company provides a wide range of services covering the whole project life cycle from feasibility and specialized technical studies to conceptual and detailed design, prototyping and testing, project management, site engineering as well as operation and maintenance management. Innovation is a key element in all our projects; D’Appolonia has over 20 years of experience in helping its clients in developing their new products and services as well as managing their collaborative innovation processes.

The key qualifications and expertise associated with the project tasks are wide experience in EC co-funded projects (especially in the NPM area) where DAPP staff performed technical as well as project management activities, including IPR and exploitation, market studies, business modeling, business planning and LCA and LCC analyses . The company is also working on similar aspects with private clients in order to help them in their industrial development.

D’Appolonia as engineering consulting company is interested at developing the engineering knowledge for the optimal design, use and management of the products implementing the novel material to be able to assist the industrial end users, to create value for our customers and enhance quality of life through engineering, and sustainable innovations.

D’Appolonia is leader of WP6 Business plan and leader of WP7 LCA, LCC and Nanosafety.


  1. Availability of technical SW tools and infrastructure (servers, terminals) to perform LCA and LCC analysis
  2. Platform bassed on GaBi 6, SW for LCA and LCC analysis
  3. Access to Ecoinvent dataset for LCA analysis



NANO-HVAC Project (Grant Agreement 314212): the NANO-HVAC project aims at developing an innovative approach for ducts insulation while introducing new cleaning and maintenance technologies, all enabled by cost –effective application of nanotechnology. In this project DAPP is providing exploitation and IPR management services, market studies as well as HSE assessment. www.nanohvac.eu.

VALUE4NANO Project (Grant Agreement 608684): The VALUE4NANO project started in September 2013 and aims at developing an Implementation Roadmap of 4 value chains and their target products. The Roadmap will include business modelling and planning for a set of pilot lines and it will involve strategic industry and other stakeholders. DAPP is coordinating the project and taking care of roadmapping and business modeling activities. www.value4nano.eu

NANOCOOL Project (Grant Agreement 314701) Nanocool goal is to develop an innovative HLD system in the range 100-200 kW, where waste heat from the condenser is used for regeneration of the desiccants. The energy demand by this process is 55% of the conventional technique. In cases of severe humid environments, like swimming pool, or kitchens, the energy/savings can achieve easily levels of 65% – 70%. in this project DAPP is providing exploitation and IPR management services as well as HSE assessment. www.nanocoolproject.eu

MULTI-KETs pilot plant (“Preparation and demonstration of multi KETs pilot line actions” (No 194/PP|ENT/CIP/L2IC/NO1C013). This project supports the further development of the European, national, regional and even local policy on the so-called Key Emerging Technologies (KETs). It aims to provide an integrated approach to streamline existing and upcoming Multi KETs pilot lines as a key tool throughout the value chain process to transform advanced ideas into goods and services, by accelerating the flow of KETs-based technologies to market.


Contact Person: Mr. Nicolò Olivieri
Address: Via San Nazaro, 19 – 16145 Genoa (Italy)
Email: nicolo.olivieri@dappolonia.it
Tel.: +39 010 3628148 2439