Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology Ltd

Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology Ltd (CNT Ltd) is a nanomaterials innovation management and nanotechnology consulting company based in Cambridge, UK. The CNT Ltd helps companies, academic and government institutions develop world-class innovative solutions for nanomaterials related R&D and IPR strategy, partnership, products, technologies, funding and markets. CNT Ltd is specialised in carbon nanomaterials R&D consulting and collaborative R&D project management, including exploitation and dissemination management, consortium and supply chain building. CNT has done a number of patent landscaping and market research analysis studies regarding production and use of various nanomaterials helping to link inventors and technology developers with end-users and investor. CNT is leading private Nano-Carbon Enhanced Materials (NCEM) consortium with members from leading industrial organisations and academic institutions, such as Airbus Group, Nokia, Bosch, National Grid, Nexans, Stattnet, Arup, ST Microelectronics, Schneider Electrics, Trinity College Dublin, Copper Industry Association.


Related Publications/Products/Services

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Contact Person: Dr Bojan Boskovic