In this meeting, UCLM will present a talk entitled “Carbon nanostructures: application perspectives from the commercial point of view, and impact on H2020 project NANOLEAP”.
The singular properties of graphene and other carbon nanostructures has opened up new horizons to the scientific community, which will lead to new applications in fields like communications, medicine, electronics, etc., allowing new products to change the way we will interact with the technology and the nature. The aim of this presentation is to introduce some nanotechnology products: graphene, carbon nanofibre and carbon nanospheres. Some considerations on the procedure of scaling up, manufacture, real demand for specific applications, in fields like paintings, batteries, cartons, sport products, and future developments, according to that demand, will be analysed.  In addition, the impact of these materials in Project NANOLEAP funded by the European Commission (H2020- NMP-PILOTS-2014) is depicted. This Project is devoted to the development of a coordinated network of specialized pilot lines for the production of nanocomposite based products for different civil infrastructures and building applications, enabling the progress of the product to next steps of technology deployment such as installation of industrial lines and enter in the commercialization stage.
On the other hand, Project NANOLEAP has been selected as one of the ten best projects all over 1000 project launched under the EU Funding Instruments in the field of nanotechnologies and advanced materials in the  FutureFlash! Best Project competition ( EURONANOFORUM2015 has booked a 4 m2 mini-stand in the venue of the congress (located in the FF2 zone) at NANOLEAP disposal. There,  6 posters with information related to the project and the partners participating in it were be located. In addition,  a brochure and  a short presentation with the main aspects of the project that will continuously run into a laptop.

Within the EuroNanoForum 2015 a second speaker will introduce NANOLEAP in the upcoming Workshop: “Nanotechnology and materials in action: Pilot lines and industrial alliances to reach the market”, organized by the platform NANOfutures ETIP. For further details please visit: