NANOLEAP NETWORK: A WORLD OF SERVICES for the development of applications that incorporate nanocomposites-based products for different industrial applications.

The development of this coordinated network of specialized pilot lines and services was the ultimate aim of the NANOLEAP project, funded by the H2020 European Research and Innovation Programme, focused on boosting and facilitating of the research and innovation activities of manufacturers (specially SMEs) to drive nanocomposite-based products to next steps of technology deployment.

The network offers:

  • 8 prototyping facilities for cost effective manufacturing
  • Highly skilled personnel trained to manipulate any kind of nanomaterial
  • Market oriented services:
    • Product Up scaling
    • Consulting services will be also available in all the pilot plants: IPR Management, Market Analysis & Business Modell, Nanosafety Assessment, Environmental Assessment, Characterization, testing & Engineering consulting, among others.

Costumer benefits:

  • Saving the time of product development: short time to market
  • Reducing costs up to 90%: royalties could be applied
  • Lowering production bottlenecks

NANOLEAP designed and organised an Open Call for tenders to implement real research projects in collaboration with external production companies.

Grants were awarded to five European SMEs, that made use of six NANOLEAP pilot plants and all its consulting services.

  • Thomas Swam (UK)
  • Senergy innovations (UK)
  • Protheus Tech (Spain)
  • Graphetenech (Spain)
  • DEMA (Italy)

The NANOLEAP Network proved to cover all the challenges to accomplish a faster product development and to satisfactorily respond to the client’s needs.

Download the description of the pilot plants and related consulting services