Open Window Call for Tenders: Network of Pilot Lines for promoting the use of nanocomposites in Industrial Applications 

The Open Window call for tenders is part of the activities planned within the scope of the ongoing project NANOLEAP, funded under the H2020 European Research and Innovation Programme. The aim of the call for tenders is to carry out a pilot programme to test and validate the operation of the future network of Pilot Plants set by the NANOLEAP consortium.


The Network intends to offer the following services:
  1. Pre-treatment and functionalisation of nanoparticles or nano-aggregates to ensure optimal compatibility with the bulk matrix and avoid dispersion problems.
  2. Implementation of advanced quality control and process verification technologies to increase production volumes, repeatability and robustness of the products. 
  3. Real-time measurement, analysis and operations at the nanoscale level to characterise relevant materials properties (e.g. nanofillers dispersion, nanofillers distribution, interfacial properties at the nano level). 
  4. Support in the adoption of safer-by-design approaches with the detection, the identification and the characterization of particles emitted in workplace air and the implementation of risk mitigation measures (e.g confinement barriers, collective and personal protective equipment). 
  5. Market oriented services: IPR Management, Market Analysis & Business Modelling, Nanosafety, Life Cycle Analysis, Environmental Assessment, Engineering Consultancy, Dissemination & Networking.


The selected applicants will be granted free access to the technologies and services offered by the NANOLEAP pilot plants to carry out a research project or a business case supported by the NANOLEAP project. Benefits for users are highlighted in the next figure.


Proposals can be received any time until 31th of December 2017 and will be analyzed weeks after their reception. If they fulfilled the specific requirements of the proposal, the agreed work would be immediately initiated based on a first-come-first-served principle. Tenders will be granted until 31st March 2018
More information about the Open Window Call for Tenders and the available documents to be downloaded: Three documents can be downloaded from this web site. 
  1. "Nanoleap Call for tenders" describing general terms and conditions of the Call
  2. ANNEX I which is consisting of two parts.

    In the part A of Annex I, the overall list of infrastructures, including their equipment and capacities, and services offered by each Pilot Plant (PP) are described.
    In Part B of Annex I, a description of the consulting services supporting the activities in the pilot plants, as well as the number of hours available per use during the scope of the action, is provided. These services will include: Product Characterization and Testing, screening Life Cycle Analysis and Life Cycle Cost, Composite material processing & testing, Training on nanocomposite, Training in Nanosafety, Engineering consultancy, Market Analysis, Business Model, IPR strategy, Technology Transfer, Patent Landscaping and Mapping of Key Players. 
  3. ANNEX II. Proposal template.


Please tell us about the services you request or the products you want to develop by contacting our single-entry point: Dr. Ester López (