Public Deliverables

WP4 - Production pilot plants of multifunctional nanocomposite coatings for the protection of civil infrastructure

  • D4.5 - Pilot plant for production of nanocomposite anti-ice coating

WP7 - Demonstration & Validation of developed production lines

  • D7.3 - Report on external validation of Pilot Plants by external nanocomposite producers

WP8 - LCA, LCC and Nanosafety

  • D8.6 - Guidelines and risk minimization procedures for nanopowders, handling and processing

WP9 - Business Plan and Dissemination

  • D9.4 - Project logo, leaflets and website
  • D9.6 - Dissemination workshop
  • D9.7 - Training activities report
  • D9.8 - Manual for use and access to the pilot lines