Pilot plants and additional services brochures

The NanoLeap pilot plants brochures are available for download!  Click "Read More" below to access the download page.
Moreover you can find also the brochures of potential additional services offered within the European Network of Pilot plants.


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NANOLEAP Open Day 2017 Workshop

On 19th January 2017 NANOLEAP project partners organise an Open Day Workshop to create fruitful debate among research organisations, government representatives and overall Industrial parties about new models of collaboration academia-Industry based on infrastructure and knowledge sharing as a tool to effectively deal with the technological and economical challenges involved in the process of industrialisation and commercialisation of nanocomposites. If you want to attend to the event, please download the brochure and follow the details inside.


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Publication in the 3rd Value4Nano Newsletter

NANOLEAP is introduced in the 3rd Value4Nano Newsletter.

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Another NANOLEAP Speaker in Madrid

NANOLEAP will be introduced in Open Course "Challenges and solutions for the safe use of nanomaterials and nanoproducts in the nowadays technological and regulatory environment: legal framework, applications and new risk management"organized by Foundation ITENE, which took place in Madrid the 12th of May of 2015.


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In this meeting, UCLM will present a talk entitled "Carbon nanostructures: application perspectives from the commercial point of view, and impact on H2020 project NANOLEAP".

On the other hand, Project NANOLEAP has been selected as one of the ten best projects all over 1000 project launched under the EU Funding Instruments in the field of nanotechnologies and advanced materials in the  FutureFlash! Best Project competition ( http://euronanoforum2015.eu/exhibition/futureflash/).

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Kick-off meeting

NANOLEAP project starts with the Kick-off meeting hel in Brussels the 13thJanuary 2015.

Project partners discussed about the NANOLEAP project and presented the nine work packages.